The first

Hy Everyone , this is my first of (I hope) many other article , I’m a french IT guy who has made its own experiences and has recently have a huge change in is work of world,  so now i’m an Office 365 ( principaly ) consulting guy .

What is the purpose of this blog ? 

To start I want to share my knowlegewith other.Information found with my technology Watch  and save all of this information in one place .I also want to evolve with this blog to improve my skills.

What  is the subject of the posts ? 

Most of the post will be REX ( Return of experience, feed back ) , update with the Microsoft /  O365 Word and we will see the evolution after .

Who post on this Website ? 

To start it’s going to be me, but if  people want to participate, I built  the permalink with a multi-author structure,  so if you want share just  contact me 🙂 

Why English ?

Because in the IT world it’s a requirement so to improve my writing skills ( speaking language also) and to share with most people. Don’t hesitate to correct my English if I make some mistakes.

Mistakes are the portal of discovery

James Joyce

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