You are not a product

I discover this browser with a recommendation so now it’s my turn to do the same

Why i love this product and why i recommend it.

  • First of all the browser is faster than others
  • He gives us the control of our privacy and it works where the other ad blocks do not work anymore
  • He rewards us with non intrusive ads to give us the control of our monetization
  • With this reward you can give tips to a content creator or let brave do it for you or do nothing it’s your choice
  • It’s available on a lot of platforms
  • The parameters are simplify to give us a real control
  • The community is part of the project and can vote for new features
  • And the team behind this project is really good

For all this reason and more i chose to install it on all of my devices, and i also made it my default browser.

If you want to try it out you can use that link below. It will also show me your support( more article will be comming)

or you can go to this link to discover more information :

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